June 1-2, 2015

                                                                   Bilkent University, Ankara

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Recent transformations in world politics urge scholars, practitioners and states to rethink their concepts, practices and policies through which they make sense of the world. From macro-level to micro-level, the world is experiencing immense changes in the way scholars reconsider their theories, practitioners rearrange their priorities and states readjust themselves to new settings. Everyday struggles of individuals and groups are becoming global by transcending business-as-usual practices as well as policies. The conference welcomes theoretical and empirical studies that appreciate the idea of acquiring comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of world politics beyond specific boundaries. The central goal of the conference is to develop a fruitful platform for studies that appreciate the plurality/diversity of actors, topic and spaces by applying various methods of research to world politics.


2nd IR Graduate Conference invites paper and panel proposals for its 2015 conference to welcome IR graduate students to a stimulating academic platform where they can share and discuss their research with fellow colleagues.

2nd IR Graduate Conference explores the following subjects:

Area Studies
Conflict Studies and Conflict Resolution
Environment and Energy Politics
Foreign Policy Analysis
Gender Studies
History of International Relations
International Law and Organizations
International Political Economy
International Relations Theories
Security Studies


Deadline for abstract submission: April 17, 2015 (presenters will be informed by the end of April)
Deadline for full paper submission: May 24, 2015

Application information:

1. Paper title and a 200-word abstract
2. Participant information (Short Bio. including name, affiliation and contact.)

Send your submissions to irgrad@bilkent.edu.tr

Conference Fee:

Registration fee: 30 TL/10€
Registration fee includes lunch & reception tickets.

For further information email to irgrad@bilkent.edu.tr & follow facebook.com/bilkentirgrad